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How to: Increase Your Happiness & Bliss!

suzanne bryant

This week I'm excited to bring you a special interview with world renown yogi and Blissologist Eion Finn! 

We took a quick break from filming for the 2016 Yoga Is Online Conference to chat about how to increase your happiness and find your bliss. In just a few minutes, Eion gives a handful of tips that will change your way of thinking right away. 



suzanne bryant

One golden rule I've learned over the years is that the key to balance and ultimate happiness starts with non-negotiables. What do I mean by this? We must make certain things in our lives non-negotiable.

No matter how busy or hectic we may become, there are specific needs unique to you that should never be missed.
In this video, I share my personal "non-negotiables" and some inspiration to create your own. 

Moving Through Obstacles and Fear

suzanne bryant

Life gives us obstacles and challenges.

And there’s really nothing we can do about it other than bring courage and trust.  In this video, I get really personal about some of the major obstacles I faced in my life and the lessons I learned. I hope my story will give you the inspiration you need. 

The main takeaway will teach you how to actually use the practice of yoga to find the gifts being hidden by your challenges, courage in the face of fear, and trust when you feel lost. 

I truly hope you enjoy this first video. If it resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you!